Meet The Woman Who Changed Simple Idea Into Multi-Million Pound Company

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While most 23-year-olds are still studying, living with their parents or so poor they can’t even afford something off the saver menu at McDonald’s, this 23-year-old is set for life – all thanks to a beauty trend.

Iyia Liu took the very simple idea of re-selling a product, and turned it into a multi-million pound company. And with celebrity endorsers like Kylie Jenner, she’s turned over £2.1 million ($NZ3.5 million), delivering almost $1 million in profits, news.com.au reports.


Liu, from New Zealand, noticed the trend for waist trainers online and with just around £3500 to her name, she decided to import some corsets from China – needless to say, her investment paid off.


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She started her brand of corsets ‘Waist Trainer New Zealand Australia’, and with the help of celebrity customers, her products are promoted across social media platforms to millions of followers.

And while paying £187,000 for Kylie Jenner to endorse your product may sound absolutely absurd – it does the trick when it comes to raking customers in.


The endorsement was liked more than 1.5 million times and was exposed to millions more – making it a pretty savvy business decision. But Iyia does admit that this investment didn’t pay itself off instantly, saying: “The return was not as fast as I thought it would be.”

What a year 2015 has been! Bring on the next one ?

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But, her company has ultimately been so successful that Iyia is now able to live a life similar to the celebrities endorsing her – which is pretty damn impressive.

If you didn’t already feel unsuccessful before…

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