Meet Vasily ‘The Killer’ Stepanov, Russia’s Most Violent Ultra



Violent Russian football fans are reportedly being led by a hulking and terrifying man known as Vasily ‘the Killer’ Stepanov.

Vaisly is allegedly responsible for coordinating the attacks on England fans in Marseille which left two men, Andrew Bache, 51,  and Stewart Gray, 47, in a coma.

The Daily Star reports that the violent behaviour of certain Russian fans and the bloodshed they’ve caused has forced UEFA to give Russia a suspended disqualification as punishment.

England v Russia - Group B: UEFA Euro 2016Getty

According to The Star Vasily is well known in football hooligan circles and is a founding member of the Spartak Gladiators an infamous hooligan group.

The imposing leader is feared for wearing MMA gloves and a gum-shield to games where he enjoys causing as much chaos as he can.

He’s perhaps most famous for his actions against CSKA Moscow fans back in 2007 when he organised thousands of men to fight in what became the biggest fight in Russia’s footballing history.

Excitement Mounts As England Prepare To Take On Russia In The EurosGetty

However for the Euro 2016 competition Vasily is pursuing English fans to win himself ‘international glory’ promising to ‘absolutely obliterate’ the English.

He’s reported as saying:

Fighting is like some kind of sport. History is very important to me. I personally have more respect for movements which have more depth in them – on top of the support of their favourite club or city.

As long as they stand for their country, historical and moral values, they have my respect. I don’t give a shit how good their performance is in the stadium.

Excitement Mounts As England Prepare To Take On Russia In The EurosGetty

Vasily admitted that he had a simple reason for attacking English supporters as well, saying: ‘It is more important to beat hooligans with pride, passion and history’.

Apparently the key to his ‘success’ was managing to brokering a fragile peace with the other Russian hooligans so they can work together to cause mayhem in France.

Excitement Mounts As England Prepare To Take On Russia In The EurosGetty

Vasily has denied arranging the attacks on fans at the tournament calling the allegations a ‘lie’ denying he’s even in France and posting pictures of himself on holiday in France.

His cousin and lawyer Sergei Zhorin has claimed that Vasily’s turned his back on the hooligan life, and is focusing on his family.

Excitement Mounts As England Prepare To Take On Russia In The EurosGetty

He said: 

We grew up together.. His name is Vasily (Vasya) Stepanov, and he is known among fans as the Vasya-Killer. He is a father of four, his wife is now pregnant with their fifth child.

He had already retired and was not at this year’s European Championship in France. However, his photographs are now on the covers of a number of foreign newspapers.

If Wales beat Russia tonight then their time at the tournament will be over and hopefully we can begin to focus on the football instead of the violence.