Meet Vladimir Putin’s ‘Warrior King’ Prodigy Who Wrestles Crocs In Spare Time

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You might not recognise this guy now, but this is a face you’ll probably see a lot more of in the future – that’s if Vladimir Putin has anything to do with it, anyway.

Meet Chechnya’s dictator Ramzan Kadyrov.


When he’s not wrestling crocodiles and snakes with his bare hands – because this is Russia after all – he’s handing out death warrants left, right and centre.


His Instagram account, which has over 2 million followers, is littered with examples of his insane wealth.

But don’t let his overly materialistic side fool you – you really don’t want to mess with this guy.


According to The Daily Star, he’s renowned for his brutality, crowning himself ‘The Warrior King’.


A prime example of this is when he once went on TV, warning rebels: “You want to kill people? You kill my comrades, I’ll kill your father, your brother, all your pets.”

If that wasn’t already enough, underneath his lavish lair are dungeons where he indulges in some of the most fucked up torture imaginable.


To finish the evil villain look, he also has pet lions and tigers in the palace he grew up in – what a life, eh?

Oh and he’s also mates with Mike Tyson, apparently.

He’s led a pretty similar upbringing to another portly dictator, Kim Jong-un, in the fact that he inherited the job from his father after he died.


But these days he does the bidding of Russia’s infamous leader, Vladimir Putin, who he clearly got a few macho publicity lessons from.

They have a pretty solid deal in place too, which essentially allows Ramzan free reign over the region – on the condition that he stops Islamic fighters attacking Russians.

Russia Kadyrov ChechnyaRussia Kadyrov ChechnyaAP

If you take any lesson away from all this, just don’t fuck with him or he may just threat to assassinate you.

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    Vlad's lad: Meet Putin’s 30 something hardman prodigy Ramzan Kadyrov who wrestles crocs