The ‘Megavalanache’ Race Is As Dangerous As It Is Savage


A downhill bike race set atop an ice glacier, Megavalanche is painful to watch in parts as riders bomb down the hill in order to win.

The French Alps are the setting here, with 2700 riders taking part in the white-knuckle action. A 2000m decent of ice and rocky gravel awaits as cyclists try their hardest to stay on their mountain bikes and avoid other competitors. Not always as easy as it might sound…

Reaching speeds of up to 30 mph, the adrenaline junkie riders must compete in a mass start which can often result in absolute chaos as people vie for a place at the head of the pack. Anything less could result in some serious injuries.

The GoPro footage below shows a couple of sticky situations that could have quite easily had a more grisly outcome, meaning the Megavalanche is definitely not one for the faint of heart.