Meghan Markle Banned From ‘Vulgar’ Trend Today

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It’ll only be a few hours before Meghan Markle becomes a fully fledged member of the Royal Family. While it does have its many perks, there are a few setbacks too.

In just a few hours time not only will she be married to Prince Harry, but the two will also be honoured with the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

With these prestigious titles a certain image – or ‘decorum’, if you will – must be upheld. So it looks like Ms Markle will have to kiss her civilian life goodbye as there are a few rules she needs to observe.

One thing she’ll no longer be able to do is take selfies. This is going to be a hard one because we all know Americans LOVE taking selfies, they’d do anything to get likes on the ‘gram. But now she’s on her way to becoming a Royal, taking a picture of yourself on your smartphone is a big no-no.

According to the Mirror Meghan has already been forbidden to take them, even telling a couple in Nottingham ‘we’re not allowed to do selfies’. The Queen herself is not a big fan of selfies – in an interview with Tatler (via Hello!), back in 2014, former US ambassador to the United Kingdom, Matthew Barzun, said she finds them ‘disconnecting’ and rather ‘strange’.

Because of her impending status, she’ll no longer be allowed to go out in public alone, no more solitary walks in the city where it’s just ‘me, myself and I’, no more jogs in the park to clear her head. If she has any intentions of doing these things she’ll have top security following her at all times.

She’s also no longer allowed to have any social media accounts, and seeing as she’s not allowed to take selfies anymore, what’s the point in having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat?

Ever since Harry and Meghan started dating it was clear her social media game was going through a drastic change.

Before their relationship was made public, the former Suits actress was posting constantly on her Instagram to her three-million-plus followers.

Yet since announcing the closure of her website The Tig in April 2017, her Instagram account has been inactive.

Meghan Markle Banned From 'Vulgar' Trend TodayBBC

If she’s to do any social media posts it’ll be done through the official Kensington Palace accounts.

When Harry and Meghan announced their engagement it was done via Kensington Palace’s social media accounts.

As a Royal, Meghan will not be allowed to vote. While her marriage to Harry, and her impending title of Duchess of Sussex, will mean she’ll legally be a British citizen, tradition requires the Royal Family to have no say or influence on British politics whatsoever.

A statement on Parliament’s website says:

Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.

Meghan Markle Banned From 'Vulgar' Trend TodayGetty

While it directly applies to the Queen, the rest of the monarchy tends to follow suit – Ms Markle is expected to fall in line as well with this ‘unwritten law’ and not vote ‘by convention’.

In one of the stricter, if not, more extreme rules to life as royal, a big no-no is wearing dark nail varnish.

According to OK! magazine, it goes against Royal etiquette. She also can’t sign autographs or go to bed before The Queen.

So if The Queen’s up till 6am in the morning, partying like it’s 1999 (word to Prince), the rest of the Royal Family has to stay up.

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