Meghan Markle Could Be Barred From Becoming President

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Meghan Markle could be barred from becoming president on account of a 211-year-old amendment to the US Constitution. 

Although the Duchess of Sussex has never actually voiced a desire to run for president, this possibility was speculated on by royal biographer Tom Bower, who is currently writing a book about the actor-turned-royal.


In an opinion piece written for The Sun back in July, Bower declared that Meghan’s ‘next steps are to conquer America, then the world’, remarking that she could well have ‘the guts and self-belief’ to one day run for presidential office.

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Although there’s no actual evidence to back up such a claim, the idea of a Princess President has taken root in public imagination, with Meghan’s charisma and dedication to social issues suggesting she could well be someone who’d fare well in politics.

However, even if this is her ultimate goal – and again, there’s been nothing substantial out there to back up such rumours – it looks as though her plans may well be scuppered by the aforementioned amendment.


As reported by The Telegraph, the Titles of Nobil­ity Amend­ment, made in 1810, states that any individual who ‘accepts, claims, receives or retains a title of nobil­ity bestowed by a for­eign power’ is not permitted to hold federal office.

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This amendment was introduced during a period of tension in the US, with Canada occupied by Britain, Florida by Spain and Louisiana by France.

It was at this point in time that Napoleon’s younger brother Jérôme married American socialite Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Pat­ter­son, sparking rumours that their son could run for presidency, resulting in the US being swallowed up by the French empire.


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