Men Charged After Forcing Beer Down Baby Alligator’s Throat

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Two men have been charged with harassing a baby alligator after they pried open the animal’s mouth and force fed it beer. 

Joseph Andrew Floyd, 20, and Zachary Lloyd Brown, 21, uploaded pictures of themselves pouring beer into the poor animal’s mouth to Snapchat and Facebook.

Both men were charged with harassment of an alligator, said The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and they’re now facing a maximum $300 fine.

Floyd and Brown reportedly admitted to officers they picked up the alligator after they found it crossing a road in Jasper County, South Carolina.

Photos of the incident which the pair uploaded to social media show an 18-to-20 inch alligator being held by an individual as its jaws are forced open.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

The men then force feed it beer and someone blows smoke into the creatures mouth while squeezing its throat to keep its jaws open.

Both men claim after they finished photographing the alligator they released it back into the wild.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Kyndel McConchie of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said: 

The photos were uploaded onto Snapchat by one of the kids doing harm to the animal, people saw it, got angry and they did screen shots of the images. That’s how it came to our attention.

People were quick to condemn Floyd and Brown on social media with one person saying it made her feel sick that people could be so cruel while another said it brought her to tears.

Tom Percival

Tom Percival

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