Men Hired For Sexual Fantasy Break Into The Wrong House

by : Emily Brown on : 30 May 2020 17:17
Men Hired For 'Unusual' Sexual Fantasy Break Into The Wrong HouseUnsplash/Pixabay

Two men who were hired to break into a house as part of a sexual fantasy were arrested after mistakenly targeting the wrong person. 

One of the men, Terrence Leroy, has only just been acquitted of entering a home armed with a weapon after the bizarre incident took place in July 2019.


The role play experience was arranged through Facebook, where an unnamed customer asked the two men to enter his home, tie him up in his underwear and stroke him with a broom.

Customer wanted to be stroked with a broomPixabay

The customer lived near Griffith, New South Wales, and provided his address to the hired pair so they could carry out their plan.

The client is said to have updated the pair when he moved to another house 30 miles away, but there appears to have been some miscommunication as the hired men clearly missed the message.


Not realising someone new now lived in what they believed to be their client’s house, the two men entered holding machetes, which they appear to have taken as props for the role play, Perth Now reports.

MacheteWikimedia Commons

The resident of the house initially wasn’t alarmed when he noticed a light come on, as he was used to a friend coming early in the morning.

However, when the hired intruders called out the name of their client, the homeowner realised something was wrong. He removed the sleep apnoea mask he was wearing to find the two men standing above his bed, holding the machetes.


Upon realising their error, one of the men said ‘Sorry, mate’, and shook the resident’s hand before they left to drive to the client’s new address. Naturally, the homeowner was startled and contacted the police.

Light behind doorPexels

Once at the correct address, the customer noticed one of the men had a ‘great big knife’ in his trousers and asked the pair to leave their weapons in the car. The client cooked bacon, eggs and noodles for his guests before police arrived at the property and arrested the two men.

Leroy’s lawyer said:


It was a commercial agreement to tie up and stroke a semi-naked man in his underpants with a broom. Entry was not with intent to intimidate.

Door handle and lockPexels

The judge on the case ruled that evidence did not suggest the men’s actions and decision to bring machetes were intentional, as he pointed out the fantasy was ‘unscripted’ and so there was ‘discretion as to how it would be carried out’.

He added:


He was willing to pay $5,000 if it was ‘really good’.

The New South Wales district court recently found Leroy not guilty of intending to intimidate while armed with an offensive weapon. The situation regarding the second hired man is unclear.

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