Men Need Nights Out With The Lads – Scientists Say So

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jul 2015 20:54


German researchers have discovered that it’s good for a man’s health to be allowed a night out with the boys now and then.


Nice work, Germany!

The research discovered that bonding between males reduces stress levels more than a night out with the missus does.

Any girl reading this this may be horrified by this, but I imagine all the lads can completely understand that notion.

The study found that men suffered less anxiety when out in a group. Again, something I imagine most lads can understand.



Scientists from Germany’s University of Gottingen studied Barbary macaques, an ape which displays remarkably human-like social behaviour.

The levels of male stress hormones soared when they were with their partner or other family members, but dropped significantly when they were with their male friends. They also discovered stress-related illnesses only seemed to happen among females or couples.

Christopher Young of the university’s Primate Social Evolution Group said:


If male primates live in multimale groups they usually fight fiercely over access to females, but males can develop friendly relationships with a few group mates.

Male macaques form social bonds similar to human friendships that buffer them against day-to-day stressors.

There it is, the proof we’ve wanted for a while now!

Going out with the lads is good for our health, so if her indoor starts complaining, tell her it’s a medical thing!

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