Men Open Up About Insane Pressure To Be ‘Manly’


boys 1

Drink beer, grow a beard and watch football. If only being ‘manly’ was that easy.

Both men and women face pressure in their daily lives, from all areas.

Men are fortunate in some ways and as a recent Huffington post video proved, they don’t have to deal with the pressures of being a woman.

Every day women have to hear comments that are sexist and prejudiced – but they’re not alone. Men face different kinds of pressure from both sexes to conform to a ‘masculine stereotype’.


So the Huffington Post released another video.

This time, men of different ages – ranging from kids to the elderly – talked about the pressure they face to be ‘man enough’.

Here are some of the things the men opened up about.

The kids:

boys 2

boys 3

boys 4

The Teens:

boys 5

boys 6

boys 7

boys 8

boys 9

The Adults:

boys 10

boys 11

boys 12

boys 13

boys 14

boys 15

The Elderly:

boys 17


It’s certainly eye opening, and you can watch the full version here:

Watch 70 years of “be a real man” in under two minutes.

Posted by HuffPost Women on Monday, December 21, 2015