Mexican Exorcist Warns Of Increase In Satanic Killings After Vampire Murder

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Edwin Juarez Palma

Just last week, three people were arrested in Mexico for the satanic murder of a friend as they tried to turn him into a vampire. 


24-year-old, Edwin Juarez Palma died after being beaten, strangled, and slashed across the throat with a broken bottle at a cyber cafe called Freak Shop in the northern state of Chihuahua.

Now, a top Mexican exorcist has spoke out to warn the country of an increase in such ritual killings, reports The Sun.

Father Jose Antonio Fortea said:

The vampire fad is something that’s very close to Satanism. [It] is not just a taste for darkness, but rather a taste for evil – an aesthetic connected to an entire way of looking at life. Vampire-ism totally amounts to devil worship.


Police say that Edwin had been fooled into taking part in an initiation ceremony to become part of satanic cult, Sons of Baphomet 1.

He was then restrained, beaten, and slashed in the neck after one of the alleged killers told the others he should be sacrificed so he could return to life as a vampire.

Edwin’s body was found wrapped inside two plastic bags in what detectives think was a botched attempt to disguise the murder as a drug-related crime.

As reported by the Catholic News AgencyChihuahua is one of the hardest hit states with drug trafficking violence, and it’s biggest city, Juarez, was known as the most violent city in the world until 2011.


Fr. Fortea argued that their is a relationship between a violent society and the growth of Satanism before adding: 

A person only worships the devil when he has come to the end of a complete process of moral degradation.


The exorcist rose to prominence after he famously exorcised the entire country of Mexico in May 2015.

If the suspects are convicted then they could spend up to 40 years in prison.

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