Mexican Politician Climbs Border Wall To Prove Trump’s Plan Is Pointless

Twitter/Braulio Guerra

A Mexican politician has taken it upon himself to climb the fence separating Mexico from America in the hopes to show the president how pointless it is…

Braulio Guerra – politician representing Querétaro – has told President Donald Trump in no uncertain terms, he thinks his idea of building a wall is ‘absurd.’

And to demonstrate how he felt, he did just that and scaled the huge, metal fence to show him just how easy it is to do, the Independent reports.

He posted the video of him sat on top of the precarious-looking fence to Twitter and said Trump’s wall plans are an ‘absurd an unnecessary waste.’

He said:

[The wall was] easy to climb the wall, but there are many dangers for our people.

Human rights, principles and dignity are non-negotiable.

His dangerous wall-climbing stunt comes after Trump signed an executive order as soon as he was inaugurated,to initiate the building of the wall, which he claimed was ‘so badly needed.’

After his controversial plans had been unveiled, experts warned it could put as many as 111 endangered animals in jeopardy and cause catastrophic environmental damage.

Trump has already stipulated the bill hefty for his wall-building plans will be put upon Mexico, resulting in a public feud with the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.


Interestingly though, Trump’s support for the wall has diminished, with 62 per cent of Americans now opposing his plans and 70 per cent believing they will have to foot the bill.

It has already been reported the wall would take 3 years to build and would potentially cost American citizens an unholy £17 billion.

The 650 miles of fencing, currently in place, has already cost £5.6 billion of tax payer’s money.

Twitter/Braulio Guerra

Regardless of whether Trump decides to steam ahead with his plans, Guerra has already showed him if he can scale those heights, then anyone can…

He certainly showed some determination in proving his point though.

Maybe it’s time Trump dropped that plan now…