Mexican Senate Will Vote To Federally Legalise Weed In Next Two Weeks

by : Mike Williams on : 16 Oct 2020 10:31
Mexican Senate Will Vote To Federally Legalise Weed In Next Two WeeksMexican Senate Will Vote To Federally Legalise Weed In Next Two WeeksPixabay/Pexels

Mexico could see the use of marijuana voted into legality, when its senate makes the landmark decision between now and the end of October.

Senate leader Ricardo Monreal, the country’s MORENA Party and majority leader, made the announcement this week. It means that the long-awaited decision on whether the country sees weed declared legal will be voted upon by its Senate, before being forwarded to a lower house of Congress, the Chamber of Deputies, where early indication suggests it’ll go through.


The bill is said to be likely to pass, in a judgement that originally built momentum in 2018. Back then, it was ruled by the country’s Supreme Court that not allowing citizens to use marijuana was in fact in violation of its constitution. The decision concluded that the prohibition of the drug hindered the ‘free development of personality’ of people living in Mexico, which got the ball rolling.

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After the 2018 ruling, the court offered lawmakers one year to pass legalisation, however it was not met as legislators argued their time away. Cut to two years later, after a further extension was granted until December 15, where a motion will finally be made.

Affairs significantly resumed in August, after Mexican president Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador ordered lawmakers to get back to it following the summer break. ‘There have already been consultations,’ he said, ‘and if they are going to decide on this matter, that is, there is going to be a legal reform,’ the Los Angeles Times reports.


The legal framework would state anyone over the age of 18 is permitted to either possess or cultivate up to 28 grams of cannabis, providing it is for personal use only. Significantly, the ruling will also deem that anyone found with up to 200 grams of the drug on them will not face any legal repercussions, as that’ll be decriminalised too.


People will be able to grow anything up to 20 plants themselves, with an annual cap of 480 grams. The 20 plant limit can be exceeded if those needing the substance for medical organise the applicable permits.

Social equity rulings hope to be woven into said legislation, allowing global companies the opportunity to be involved in the country’s expanding and legal weed market but not exploited, which in itself will be interesting to see which brands affiliate themselves.


Civil rights group Mexico Unido tweeted about the need to make sure the trade isn’t monopolised or wealthier conglomerates don’t take advantage in order to get a stranglehold based on this proposed ruling.

The tweet asks that an inclusive cannabis market is introduced, and regulated freely and fairly. The group has long fought for the marketplace to benefit those who have been most affected by the restrictions of growing and possessing weed.

Interestingly, people have already been growing small stashes in plain sight since February, notably in The Garden of Maria, which is situated right outside the Senate building in Mexico City. Since its discovery, police have not sought to shut it down or remove the fertile patch of land, which is a good sign for those hoping the bill passes.


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