MI5 On High Alert And Bracing For ‘Attacks On London’

MI5 On High Alert And Bracing For Attacks On London UNILAD fra6736893 640x426REUTERS

British security services are preparing for an attack on London.

The capital city is thought to now be a prime target for a follow up attack after the atrocities in the French capital last night.

This follows British Prime Minister David Cameron issuing a speech, saying we stand with France, united.

He added we have to be prepared for an attack in the UK.


The threat level is currently at ‘severe’ meaning it is highly likely there will be an attack in England.

Gatwick had already been evacuated earlier in the day, with emergency services on high alert.

The assistant commissioner for specialist operations in London, Mark Rowley, said:

We can’t let the terrorists defeat us by becoming fearful and withdrawing from the streets.

It comes down to trust between communities and the ability for the public to trust the police and work with us and supply us with the sort of information they have been very effectively over the past year.

We are strengthening our policing stance across the country at the moment, and we are reviewing that later this morning, no doubt, with the Prime Minister at Cobra.

MI5 On High Alert And Bracing For Attacks On London UNILAD GATW56103 620x426CATERS

We are strengthening our ability to protect the public. We will be looking at events today and the policing profile there.

We’ve made some small changes. People may notice a little change at ports.

People may notice some changes at events in big cities across the country – extra police officers, extra checks, extra vigilance from the police.