Michael Bay Confirms There Are Fourteen New Transformers Films On The Way


Michael Bay isn’t done fucking up your childhood yet as he plans on doing 14 MORE Transformers movies.

In news that’s most likely going to send 80s kids and nerds into a fit of heaving rage, director Michael Bay has confirmed that there’s at least 14 more Transformers movies in the pipeline.

I can hear your angry statements already, ‘But he promised they were done after the new gets released!’, well looks like him and the studio decided to turn their backs on that promise at last weeks CinemaCon.

Speaking to MTV’s Josh Horowitz, who asked him if he wanted to do ‘one more movie’, he let it out the bag that fourteen new stories have been written which happens to be ‘good stuff’. [Yeah sure, it is]

The kicker is that Bay has confirmed that he’d like to do at least one of those stories – I guess pissing over a beloved franchise after five films isn’t enough for him. There’s already plans to do solo-movie based on Bumblebee, so cue the big explosions, buxom women and the over-done-slow-mo-walking-through-the-fire shots. Classic Bay.

Warner Bros.

But the bright side is that he only wants to do one more movie – for now – so there’s hope (but not that much) that the others might turn out to be half-decent at least.

At this point I think it’s fair to say that Bay is to 80s nostalgia, what Zack Synder is currently to the DC movies.

Michael Bay Isn't Ready to Give Up 'Transformers'

Transformers isn’t going anywhere — Michael B. Bay reveals that there are 14 stories written so far.

Posted by MTV on Wednesday, 29 March 2017

When will the madness end!?