Michael Jackson’s Darkest Secrets Revealed By His Doctor


The doctor partially blamed for the early death of Michael Jackson has claimed that the singer wanted to marry a British child actress whom he fell in love with when she was just 11-years-old. 


But the story gets darker, as Dr Murray has also alleged that this wasn’t Jackson’s first choice as he also wanted to wed a British friend’s 12-year-old daughter, who was just five when Jackson set eyes on her.

In an exclusive article by the Mirror, Dr Conrad Murray made the allegations – which will shock and upset many of Jackson’s millions of fans across the globe – while promoting his new book about the real Michael Jackson.


Speaking from his Florida home, Murray said:

This is the story of who Michael Jackson really was. He wanted me to tell this story – now I am fulfilling his wish. You must read the book and make those decisions for yourself.

Murray worked as Michael Jackson’s private physician for over three years, during which time he also lived with Jackson.

He claims that Jackson had begged him to write the book after his death to ‘set the record straight’.

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Dr Murray added:


This is about setting the record straight. Many things have been written about Michael by people who didn’t know him or understand him or his life.

For just over three years, I spoke to him every day and was with him every week. He said to me: ‘I have four members of my family Conrad; you, Paris, Prince and Blanket. You are all I have.

This Is It [which is the name of the book] is the true story of Michael’s life that has never been told. It is the final word. It is the story of who Michael Jackson really was. It’s the truth. Everything else out there is entirely speculative. Everyone thinks they know the story – but they don’t.

As friends, Michael and I shared a lot of secrets that have never been shared with anyone else. When you are friends, your colleague speaks and tells you things he doesn’t tell others.

Murray was charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson and served two years of a four year suspended sentence.