Michael Jackson’s Doctor Reveals Star’s Infatuation With Harry Potter Star


Yesterday, the doctor involved in the death of Michael Jackson made several bold claims about the pop legend, saying he intended to marry his goddaughter Harriet Lester and fantasised about a young actress.

It’s now been revealed that the actress in question was the then 11-year-old Emma Watson, who the Thriller singer allegedly became infatuated with while watching the Harry Potter movies, The Mirror reports.

Murray said: 

Michael told me he was almost as consumed with British actress Emma Watson. He had ‘fallen in love with her’ when she was in her first Harry Potter film in 2001, when she was just 11. Emma was his second choice for a bride if things did not work out with Harriet.


Doctor Murray also claimed Jackson kept a cardboard cutout of the young actress in his LA home and planned on setting up a home in London.

Murray wrote that Jackson’s infatuation with the Potter star was the closest he ever came to confronting Michael about the disturbing rumours that followed the star.

He said: 

I never challenged Michael. That is because I instinctively knew that when it came to very sensitive subjects, Michael could as quickly shut down, as he had been forthright. But one thing was clear: the way Michael spoke about the young girls was not an innocent crush, but an unrequited love.

Murray was charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson and served two years of a four year suspended sentence.