Michelle Obama Takes A Spin With James Corden In Carpool Karaoke


The First Lady, Michelle Obama‘s the latest star to jump in James Corden’s car for a bit of Carpool Karaoke.

In a teaser for the upcoming sketch, Michelle bopped and danced along to some classic Beyoncé, even offering to take the clearly ecstatic James on a tour of the White House.

The President’s wife jokingly asked whether Corden was here for the 1:45pm tour before saying she had time to go for a quick spin, The Evening Standard reports.

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The pair clearly hit it off and Michelle excitedly asked could they put the radio on, as she rarely gets the chance to ‘rock out’ these days, before bopping along to Missy Elliott’s hit Get Ur Freak On and Beyoncé’s Single Ladies.

It wasn’t all dancing and jokes in the black 4×4 though, and Michelle admitted that being the wife to the most powerful man in the world had changed her life in some pretty odd ways.

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She said: 

Do you mind listening to music? I rarely get to listen to music in my car.

I’ve been in a car a few months ago with my daughter who learned to drive. That’s the only time in seven and a half years that I’ve been in the passenger seat listening to music and rocking out like this.

The First Lady is just one of the many high profile names to take part in Corden’s popular Karaoke series and the full skit can be seen on Wednesday’s episode of The Late, Late Show.

I wonder if her husband will make an appearance?