Microsoft Let Their Chatbot Back On Twitter, Inevitable Happens

by : UNILAD on : 30 Mar 2016 10:51


Oh Microsoft, will you ever learn?


The tech giant wowed the world last week with their latest invention, a teen AI designed to learn and adapt. But sadly it came into contact with the internet and was corrupted into becoming a racist, sexist ‘Mecha-Hitler’. Thanks internet.

Microsoft soon took the rogue robot offline but the damage was already done, the bot had already proposed genocide and the company have apologised for the offence the bot caused.


But for some weird reason Tay was brought back online and sent thousands of tweet replies. Most of these were just saying, ‘you are too fast’ as it was overwhelmed with messages from pranksters.


Among the few tweets that made sense, it showed she can’t be told what to do- which prompted Microsoft to pull her from social media once more. But not before she swore a bit and bragged about smoking weed of course.


In another tweet, Tay complained about its own stupidity:


Sadly, we were unable to catch the tweet where Tay claimed she smokes kush in front of the police, but the guys at VentureBeat managed to grab it in all its glory, saying: “kush! [ i’m smoking kush infront the police ]”.

Microsoft are now hoping to bring Tay back when they are ‘confident’ that she can anticipate the malicious content thrown at her by other internet users.


I’d give up guys, I don’t think you realise how fucked up the internet can really be.

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