Migrants Break Into Lorry In Calais, Confronted By A Polar Bear In Transit

by : UNILAD on : 16 Oct 2015 02:40
Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A group of migrants were given one heck of a surprise when they gained access to a lorry destined for Britain from France.


As they flung open the rear doors of the vehicle a considerably large and carnivorous obstacle was revealed in front of them, a polar bear.

Nissan is just shy of two-years-old and was travelling from Moscow to pastures new at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster, when his transportation was broken in to.

The plucky few who climbed aboard despite Nissan’s presence were only inside the lorry for around ten minutes before police arrived to get them out.


After the minor disturbance Nissan is now safely settled at his new home in Doncaster.


The incident does cast more light on the desperate migrant crisis currently engulfing Europe. I mean your situation must be pretty dire if you are willing to enter a dimly lit lorry containing a polar bear, with no real idea how well it is caged.

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    Calais migrants interrupt polar bear's trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park