‘Millennial’ Railcard For 26-30 Year-Olds Could Launch Next Year


Gone are the days that we turn 26 and have to turn to Mega Bus in despair, no longer able to afford train fares as we cut our expired 16-25 railcard into pieces.

The train companies have heard the desperate cries of the millennial generation as they turn up to the station in want of a spontaneous weekend away from London to Manchester, only to be hit with a £145 bill for one way, and more of the same if they want to return.

Millions of 26-30 year olds could soon apply for a ‘Millennial’ railcard, giving them a third off all train journeys.


The new discount card is being introduced first by Greater Anglia Railways in early December, with 10,000 of them initially available.

Internal documents from the Rail Delivery Group suggest that the scheme will go national in early 2018, reports The Telegraph.

However the Rail Delivery Group declined to comment on whether they have plans to roll the scheme out to the wider population.

Millennials of this generation are the first that are expected to be poorer than their parents.

16-25 Railcard

Young men today earn an average of £12,500 less during their 20s than their counterparts in the generation before them according to research from the Resolution Foundation.

The research published earlier this year showed Generation Y are earning less than their Generation X peers during every year between the ages of 22 to 30 resulting in the £12,500 cumulative pay deficit.

‘Millennial’ is used to broadly describe the group of people born between 1981 and 2000, while Generation X describes those born between 1966 and 1980.

Though grouping people born in the eighties with those born in the millennium is highly controversial considering how different their childhoods were.


Despite the Raily Delivery Group not wanting to comment on the railcard, a sister company called the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), have registered a number of website domain names relating to the card, including 26-30railcard.com.

An internal document circulated on a UK rail forum, which appears to be a Rail Delivery Group briefing to staff dated last month, gives details of the scheme and says the railcard ‘goes national in early 2018’.

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What great news. You might finally be able to visit your old uni friends who moved to the other side of the country now.

P.S. We wouldn’t need this if we nationalised the railways.