Millie Bobby Brown’s Hair Holds Secret Message For Stranger Things Fans


Fans currently going through a severe Stranger Things withdrawal I feel you, the days seem longer and nights feel much colder when you don’t have your favourite show to fawn over.

I’m pretty sure the cast members feel your pain and anxiety too, particularly actress Millie Bobby Brown who plays, the now iconic, Eleven.

While there’s not much the child actor can do about it, she is only 13-years-old after all, she at least lets the legions of over-obsessive Stranger Things fans know that she’s thinking of them.

While she’s barely hit her teens the English born actress has already become a global sensation and a fashion icon.

At this year’s Golden Globes she was one of the many actresses to sport an elegant black dress in support of the Time’s Up movement. However eagle-eyed fans also noticed something particular about her hair that night, which was possibly a homage to show’s fans.

For those of you unfamiliar with her character Eleven in Stranger Things (I can only assume you either don’t have a Netflix subscription or have been living under a rock) in season one she rocks a rough, shave-headed look and season two she makes her return, this time rocking an 80s-appropriate mullet – it is set in that time period after all.

However at the Golden Globes, young Millie was seen sporting a braided top knot and if you look closely from the back of her head it looked like it was styled as the number ’11’ which is, of course, associated with her character, Eleven.

Fans of the show were convinced she’s giving a slight nod to the faithful Stranger Things viewers.

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Despite not walking off with any awards at this year’s Golden Globes the Stranger Things cast were in full force on the red carpet, however, one thing which was noticeable was that Millie wasn’t with the other young cast members on the red carpet.

According to Refinery 29 her absence was due to the fact she was still doing make-up prep 20 minutes before her co-stars appeared on the red carpet.

By the time she was ready her fellow castmates had already finished doing their walk in on the red carpet. However, she eventually reunited with them before the start of the ceremony and remained with them at the after party.


Although a logical explanation was given it didn’t stop certain fans of the show voicing their displeasure at her absence which they saw as a disconnect between the cast members.

On Twitter one person wrote:

I don’t like that Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t do the carpet with the rest of the Stranger Things cast. It is an ensemble piece and going alone creates a perceived separation, She should be able to hang out with the other kids and have laughs with them #wyldedish


While it has been announced that Stranger Things has been renewed for a third season, fans will be disappointed to know it won’t be airing until 2019.

I guess we have to play the waiting game.