Millionaire Goes Broke Saving Hundreds Of Dogs From Slaughterhouse


A kind-hearted millionaire in China has gone broke building a rescue centre for stray dogs, many of which were destined for the slaughterhouse.

Wang Yan is from Gelong town in the Jilin province, and his generosity is motivated by heartbreak.

In 2012 he lost his own pet dog, and in a last ditch effort to find the canine he ended up visiting a local slaughterhouse.


According to reports Wang searched the area surrounding the slaughterhouse for a week and was eventually let inside, but there was no signs of his pet.

What Wang did see stayed with him, bloody scenes of death that awaited hundreds more unfortunate animals.

It was so scarring that Wang decided to use his fortune to buy the slaughterhouse, and build a shelter within an abandoned steel factory where he has housed up to 1,000 dogs at any one time.


It is not cheap to keep such an operation going, and Wang has now reported he is in debt as a result of the shelter’s running costs.

But he also made a startling revelation about one of the major causes of his financial worries.

He said:

I do not accept monetary donations. I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home for these 200 dogs.

What a guy to spend his entire fortune on the project, but I can’t shake the thought that if he doesn’t change that policy his philanthropy will only go so far, and the dogs he longs to save will be back on the street.