Millionaire Crushed Security Guard To Death For ‘Opening Gate Too Slowly’

millionaire 01AFP

An Indian multi-millionaire has been sentenced to life in jail after crushing his security guard to death.

Mohammed Nisham killed the guard with his hummer after he allegedly ‘opened a gate too slowly’, the Daily Mail report.

The cruel attack took place in an apartment complex in Kerala, south India, where Nisham used his car to pin the man against a wall then got out of the vehicle and beat him with an iron rod.

hummerThe Indian Express

His victim, K Chandrabose, 50, suffered severe internal bleeding and crush injuries. He died only few days after the attack, which took place in January last year.

Nisham, 39, was given life in prison and also fined eight million rupees (£83,000), half of which he must donate to the victim’s family.

The public prosecutor involved in the case, C.P Udayabhanu said:

The court awarded life sentence for the murder and 24 years in jail for other offences… He is a repeat offender and we are satisfied with the judgement.

Nisham made his fortune from beedis, the hugely popular hand-rolled Indian cigarette packed with tobacco leaves, and also owns hotel and jewellery businesses in the Middle East.

He has been accused in the past of beating up a man who ‘stole’ his parking spot, as well as locking a female police officer in his Rolls Royce for having ‘stopped and questioned him’.

In 2013, he was charged with allowing his son to drive his Ferrari F430, and was caught because he filmed the child behind the wheel and sharing it on social media.