‘Minions’ Gets Brutally Honest Trailer To Remind Us How Irritating They Are

Universal Pictures

This year, you can’t go anywhere without seeing some sort of reference to ‘Minions’, those irritating little yellow creatures which were hilarious in Despicable Me but now seem set to haunt us for the rest of time after getting their own movie.

Minions was, somewhat worryingly, the second highest grossing animated film of all time (behind Frozen, of course), inspiring cosplay, Happy Meal toys and “those horrible Facebook memes your aunt keeps posting that don’t even have anything to do with Minions”.

So, trust the team at Screen Junkies to crack out another perfect ‘Honest Trailer’ perfectly befitting the irritating juggernaut the Minions have become.

And we don’t think these guys were big fans of the film, to be honest.

The trailer opens with: “From Universal Pictures’ marketing department comes one of the most expensive, far-reaching promotional campaigns of all time, and also a movie, Minions”, before questioning what a Minion actually is, why there’s so many 1960s references in a kid’s movie and why Steve Carell’s ‘Gru’ only shows up for the last few minutes of the movie.

Good questions, plus it turns out that these little yellow bastards are essentially mass murderers when you look at the terrifyingly high death count in the movie.

Since this one made boatloads of cash for the studio, we doubt they’re too concerned with the quality of the movie, although it being unfavourably compared to woeful Friends spin-off Joey probably has to sting just a little bit.

We may never get to the bottom of the whole fire hydrant humping thing though…