Minneapolis Police Caught ‘Hunting’ People During George Floyd Protests In New Bodycam Videos

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Minneapolis Police Body Cam Footage - Attorney Eric RiceAttorney Eric Rice

In new bodycam videos, Minneapolis Police have been exposed speaking about ‘hunting’ people during the protests that took place in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. 

The body camera footage is dated as being from the end of May 2020, and gives an insight into police officer’s response to riots and protests in Minneapolis on May 30, going into the morning of May 31.


According to the footage, police officers can be heard describing ‘hunting’ people who are out outside of curfew. One officer can even be heard stating that the protests and riots provide a ‘nice change of tempo’ for them.

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Another officer in the clip comments, ‘F*ck these people’ and a later clip shows officers encouraging each other to shoot ‘the first f*ckers we see’ with non-lethal rounds, TMZ reports.

The videos were from the body cameras of multiple different police officials, and were released by a lawyer whose client was facing charges from the night of May 30, according to CNN


After having non-lethal bullets fired at him, Eric Rice’s client fired his gun back at police. However, he was recently acquitted of the charges against him.


Derek Chauvin Sentenced For Murder Of George Floyd

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One of the police officers featured in the footage has since been named. He can be seen showing scorn towards the media and commenting that the looting and fires were a result of solely Black people’s actions.

As per the report by CNN, the man in question was named as Lt. Johnny Mercil, who currently oversees the training around the use of force at Minneapolis Police Department.


When Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd, Mercil was a prosecution witness.

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