Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gets A New Story Trailer, Beta Test Announced


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the open world sequel to the awesome free running action game Mirror’s Edge (2007) is coming May 24. DICE have just pulled a double whammy, giving us a brand new story trailer and the news of a Beta test for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. 

Signups for the beta are open to anyone with an account for EA’s online service, Origin (which is free), and anyone who’s interested can put their name down on the website.

Do bear in mind that access isn’t guaranteed, as it’s a closed beta with limited spaces, and there’s no exact date for the beta just yet. Expect it sometime before launch (obviously).

The story trailer (below) details our hero Faith’s exploits to combat a group of shady corporations who rule the city – by using parkour and punching people and shit. Hey, it works.

We’re also afforded an insight into Faith’s origins, and get a look at some of the cool stuff we’ll get to do when we finally get our hands on the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was originally intended to launch this month, but has been pushed back to worldwide release of May 24 in an effort to make the game as great as it can possibly be.