Miss Italy Wishes She Had Lived Through World War Two


Daft responses to strange questions has become a bit of a stigma attached with beauty pageants, but an answer from a contestant in Italy had the judges pretty stumped.

Alice Sabatini was taking part in the battle to become Miss Italy when she was asked what historical period she would most liked to have lived in.

Her response…”1942″, slap bang in the middle of World War II which ran from 1939 to 1945.

The strange reply has not gone unnoticed by the internet.

When a judge clarified that she meant during the war Sabatini responded:

“Well… to see really what the Second World War was like, since the books talk about it for page after page. I want to live it.

In any case I am a woman so I wouldn’t have had to do military service, so I would have been at home with the fear of…” she said, trailing off with a light laugh.

Each to their own I guess, but if she wishes she lived during one of Europe’s darkest periods, under a Nazi sympathising fascist regime, who would the judges be to…well…judge.

The 18-year-old then went on to win the title. Hopefully it will serve as some consolation to the fact she has had to live without fear of bombing raids on her town.