Miss Swimsuit UK Stripped Of Title For Posting ‘All Lives Matter’

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miss swimsuit uk stripped of title 1Jasmine Archer-Jones/Facebook

The reigning Miss Swimsuit UK has been stripped of her title after she posted ‘All Lives Matter’ in a Facebook post that also questioned George Floyd’s innocence.

Jasmine Archer-Jones, 23, has since deleted the post which claimed ‘Black on Black crime’ is responsible for the ‘majority’ of crime and deaths involving Black people in the US.


But not before Miss Swimsuit UK organisers were alerted to the post and took her title away from her, with all trace that she won the 2019 title also removed from the pageant’s website.

miss swimsuit uk loses titleJasmine Archer-Jones

In the post, shared on June 3, Archer-Jones described the Black Lives Matter protests as ‘ridiculous’, saying it ‘HAS to STOP’ because demonstrators were only using Floyd’s death as an ‘excuse to let loose’ after lockdown. ‘ALL lives matter,’ she added.

She also called into question Floyd’s innocence, saying she is ‘yet to see hard evidence’ that he hadn’t done anything wrong before he was killed by police. As though ‘hard evidence’ is needed when an unarmed, defenceless man is killed in broad daylight.


‘There is video footage of him refusing to get out of his car, which warrants for the police officers to use whatever means necessary to restrain the person,’ she wrote, while also suggesting Floyd had drugs in his system at the time he was killed.

miss swimsuit uk loses title over all lives matter postJasmine Archer-Jones/Facebook

In actual fact, court transcripts from police body cameras show Floyd was co-operative at the beginning of the arrest, repeatedly apologising to the officers after they approach his parked car.

It was only when officers tried to put Mr Floyd in their squad car that a struggle ensued, with the report saying Floyd ‘stiffened up, fell to the ground, and told the officers he was claustrophobic’, as per BBC News.


It was during this struggle that Derek Chauvin caused Floyd to fall face-down to the ground, in handcuffs, before the former officer knelt on his neck for almost eight minutes until he lost consciousness.

Under no circumstances does Floyd’s behaviour ‘warrant’ police officers to ‘use whatever means necessary’ to restrain him, as Archer-Jones claimed, especially when those means led to his death even while he repeatedly told them he was unable to breathe and they ignored him.

Police officer kneeling on man's neck during arrestDarnella Frazier/Facebook

In her post, Archer-Jones also echoed President Donald Trump’s claims that ‘more’ white people are killed by police than Black people, stating: ‘If you look deeply into statistics, more UNARMED WHITE people DIED than BLACK last year.’


While this claim might be correct in a literal sense – because yes, more white people did die at the hands of police in 2019 – it is entirely misleading and inaccurate because white people constitute a much larger portion of the US population (76.3%) than Black people (13.4%)

Yet Black people accounted for 23.6% of last year’s police killings while white people accounted for 37%, with research showing time and time again that Black people are being killed at a disproportionate rate.

George Floyd Protests Prosecute the PolicePA Images

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The 23-year-old marked the post as her own ‘personal opinion’, telling people if they didn’t want to know they shouldn’t read it, but after seeing her views the organisers of the pageant decided they didn’t want anything to do with her.


A source told The Sun:

Jasmine has tried to sweep it under the carpet and continue on as if nothing has happened but organisers acted quickly to airbrush her from their history.

They have posted in support of the Black Lives Matter protest and could not afford to be associated with her.

Archer-Jones was crowned champion of the 2019/20 competition in September and she went on to finish 13th in the world at the Miss Swimsuit USA final. However, Miss Swimsuit UK now lists 2018 winner Kinna Louise as their queen.

Archer-Jones is now no longer listed in the Previous Winners category on the pageant’s website and any photos of her have been deleted.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website www.stophateuk.org/talk

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