Missing 16-Year-Old Found Dead After Sending Mysterious Last Message


A body found in a park on Friday morning (January 26), in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been identified as Jholie Moussa.

The 16-year-old girl went missing from her home, in the same county, two weeks ago.

Police confirmed on Friday evening the teenager’s death is now being treated as homicide.

A number of police departments, as well as the FBI, searched for Jholie, who was last seen leaving her home under mysterious circumstances.

Posted by Syreeta Hill on Sunday, 3 September 2017

The 16-year-old left her house – situated in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County – two weeks before, on January 12.

According to News4, this was after she told her twin sister she was making her way to a party in Norfolk – an area situated nearly 200 miles away.

The next day, Jholie’s family reported her to the police as missing and four days later, on January 17, the FBI joined in with the investigation.

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Jholie’s twin sister, Zhane Moussa, said how she’d appeared distracted on the day of her disappearance, following her school day at Mount Vernon High School:

She was doing my hair and then she stopped, for a good minute, to text some more.

Then, out of nowhere, she was like, ‘I gotta go, I gotta go!

After telling her sister she needed to leave for a minute, a concerned Zhane text her saying she was worried – only to receive an odd response:

She texted me that she was going to Norfolk and I’m like, isn’t that more than 3 hours away?

I’m in desperate need of everyone's help. My daughter Jholie Moussa from Alexandria Virginia is missing. She left the…

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Syreeta Steward, the girls’ mother, revealed she had a missed call from Jholie – this was the last communication they had:

Normally, she would have responded back to me. If she calls me and I don’t answer, she always follows it up with a text.

Fourteen days later, police made a tragic discovery in a wooded area of Woodlawn Park – a park less than a mile from the area Jholie was last seen – believed to be the body of the 16-year-old.

At about 11am, a police officer found the body, covered almost entirely by leaves.


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The initial identification process which took place on Jholie’s body was based on the appearance, including a tattoo – on her right shoulder – she had an infinity loop with her sister Zhane’s name.

In a statement previously made by the county police – who’d also entered Jolie’s name into the National Crime Information Center database as a runaway juvenile – they said:

Based on the facts of the case, there is nothing that indicates that Moussa is in any danger.

A representative for the FBI previously stated how there wasn’t a specific reason as to why they joined the investigation, simply saying they had the resources to assist.

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Police previously stated they had spoken with around 20 people who all had recent communication with Jholie.

However, they also revealed many of her friends were not fully cooperating with investigators.

Anyone with information on the case should call Fairfax County police at 703-691-2131, or the FBI at 202-278-2000.