Mistress Crashes Wedding In A Scene Straight Out Of A Soap Opera

by : UNILAD on : 15 May 2016 12:44

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life – but for one couple the moment they exchanged rings turned to horror.


A video has been posted online that appears to show a groom’s mistress interrupting his wedding. The incredibly cringe-worthy clip is filmed from the perspective of the seated guests – leaving you feeling as if you are there experiencing the butt-clenching awkwardness in real-time.

The video starts innocently enough with the couple partway through their vows.


Suddenly, the ceremony is interrupted by a loud slow clap followed by a woman’s voice shouting out:


Man, this is what you left my house for this morning.

Most guests shuffle silently and awkwardly (as I totally would too), but one woman close to the camera says, “oooh”. Which is a spectacular understatement in the circumstances – but she can be forgiven given the formality of the occasion.

Then there is another shout from the possible mistress in the crowd: “And the other night.”

At this point the guests wake up a bit and the true horror of the situation seems to hit them at once. A man can be heard saying “dang!” as all the guests gasp before quickly trying to shh each other. The woman near the camera than says, “Oh my god” while audibly cringing hard enough to crush diamonds.

Fortunately, a woman wearing red finally takes action and rises from the crowd passing the camera, presumably on her way to silence the unwelcome interruption.


Thank you woman in red, you are my hero.


You can watch the whole video here if you think you’re brave enough to endure the incredible awkwardness:


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