MMA Fighter Breaks Own Leg With Powerful Kick, Opponent And Ref Slow To Notice


M-1 Global Rus/ YouTube
With UK football fans currently debating how hard Gabriel Paulista kicked out at Diego Costa at the weekend, an example from Russian MMA shows the real extent of damage a strong kick can cause.

The fight was the main event at M-1 Challenge 61 in Russia at the weekend, and the combatants are Ante Delija and Marcin Tybura.

Delija is the man who suffers following his own offensive effort, immediately hitting the canvas after a powerful low-kick is met by his opponents knee.

On his way to the deck Delija tries to place his weight on the snapped limb, and in slo-mo the unnatural flex of the leg is painful viewing.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Warning: Graphic Content

Ouch. Good of the ref and opponent to eventually pick up on the injury.

The Croatian fighter confirmed via his Facebook page that he has successfully undergone surgery and is now at the start of the road to recovery.

Ante Delija had successfully completed the surgery on his shin and now is recovering.

Posted by Ante “Walking Trouble” Delija on Monday, September 21, 2015

Adding insult to grotesque injury, Delija is actually referred to as “Walking Trouble” within the fight world.

Oh the unfortunately perfect irony.