MMA Fighter Knocks Opponent Out Without Touching Him


We’ve seen some pretty hardcore bouts, but never someone being knocked out without even being touched by their opponent.

Australia’s Xtreme fighting championship (XFC) brought to the cage James Vake and Michael McDaniel last month.

The first half of the first round saw Vake taking control and getting McDaniel into a choke, before he managed to escape.


After some brutal swipes from Vake, McDaniel found his feet again before collapsing to the floor in the ring without any provocation.

McDaniel had likely suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain after getting so savagely beaten up by Vake.

Thankfully the downed fighter soon awoke and found himself congratulating his opponent following the middleweight bout.

Certainly one of the more bizarre finishes to a fight, but Vake won’t complain – a win is a win!