MMA Fighter ‘Sprays P*ss’ All Over His Opponent At Feisty Weigh-In


Mind games are a pretty common part of any pre-fight events in MMA nowadays – but this guy cranked things up a notch by spraying his opponent with what appeared to be piss.

Kiko Matos and Baron Geisler faced off after their weigh-in, with Matos pulling out a spray bottle and liberally dowsing Geisler with the cloudy yellow contents.

Check it out:

As reported by the Daily Star, Matos did later admit the stunt was ‘all for show’.

Geisler had actually been sprayed with beer, not that it mattered anyway – at the time his response was simply to say ‘spray me with your love.’

Founder of fight promotion URCC Alvin Aguilar said after the incident:

I would never allow a sick display like that from any of our fighters even if they were just in an exhibition bout.

If that was really urine that would be unacceptable and I would pull Kiko out.

The fight itself last Friday proved to be a disappointment, with the result a unanimous draw.

They’ll just have to fight again and up the stakes at the next weigh-in to settle this one…