MMA League Pits 68-Year-Old Granny Against A 24-Year-Old

Sparta Combat League/YouTube

Age is just a number. That is, until you have to fight someone who is nearly a third your age, then it becomes a concern.

At the age of 68, Ann Perez made her mixed martial arts debut in Sparta Combat League. Sadly, she was fighting 24-year-old Laura Dettman.

I wish there was some Rocky-esque twist, but no, this goes precisely as you’d expect.

How did Sparta sanction this, and how did Dettman agree to it?

At least she didn’t climb the cage in celebration, I guess.

As is expected these days, people flooded to Twitter to share their concern.

There are some theories out there as to why people are shocked…

Perhaps, or maybe it is because with 44 years between them Perez simply never stood a chance.

Had she fought someone closer in age and experience then maybe it’d be possible to say ‘good for you’ but, as it is, the spectacle felt more like a carnival side show.

As if Dada 5000’s experience hadn’t done enough to encourage promoters to think very carefully who they put in the cage.

Credit where it’s due though – Ann Perez is one ballsy grandma.