Mobile Phone Photos Show What People Leave Behind When They Flee War


The current refugee crisis will sadly not be stopping any time soon, and as reminder to the world that the search for asylum is not a decision taken lightly, some refugees have shared images of the lives they have lost.

The pictures display family members refugees are now cut off from, lands that are now devastated by war, and even jobs that many people will relate to.

Given the difficulty in escaping war torn lands there is very little in the way of personal possessions that refugees can take on their journeys. For many these phones and images are the last links to their homelands.


This young woman is named Suad, and her photo shows her brother sitting above an idyllic skyline in Homs, Syria.

The scene looks a far cry from the state Syria is now in as numerous rebel elements continue to fight between themselves, and against the state regime of President Bashar al-Assad.


Hamza fled the Syrian capital of Damascus in his bid to find peace.

His phone shows he and hospital staff enjoying a meal together, a happy memory of home now overshadowed by uncertainty.


Kelsum is another victim of the crisis in Syria, and her photo shows an image of a birthday party held for her daughter Hilbi.

Their home city of Qamishli is now fiercely contested on numerous fronts. The government is present and in control of strategic bases such as government offices, border crossings, and the airport, but Kurdish and Assyrian fighters are also within the city.


Mohammad is from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and he chose to flee the region despite having a good job with a telecommunications company in the city.

Now the 26-year-old is in Germany at a reception centre for fellow migrants.


Hamid is also from Kabul, and his photo shows treasured images of his family during happier times in Afghanistan.

Obviously there are fears at present that the refugee crisis may be exploited by radicals, but we can’t turn our backs on the genuine victims of war. They have not left home lightly.