Mod Turns Witcher 3 Into Awesome First Person Adventure


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was an incredible adventure that I imagine most of you have spent countless hours on at this point.

Still, if you ever needed a reason to return to Geralt’s world for a few more play sessions, a first-person mod is on its way, and it looks absolutely stunning.


While I know Witcher 3 works best as a third person title by its very nature, I always wondered what the game could be from a different perspective, and the result is very cool indeed.

SkacikPL is the man to thank for this endeavor. He’s been hard at work on this project for a while, documenting his attempts to rework the camera in a series of videos.

In his most recent video (which you can see just below) SkacikPL shows off just how far he’s come – the camera doesn’t bob nearly as much as it did in earlier versions of the mod, and everything seems to flow much better in first-person than you might have imagined.

Combat has yet to be integrated into the mod, as I expect that’s gonna be a real challenge to implement, if not completely impossible.

As it stands, it’s a cool exploration mod that shifts back to third person whenever you enter combat. To be honest, seeing Witcher 3’s incredible locations through Geralt’s eyes would be the biggest draw for me anyway.

After all, there are probably only so many bandits I could gruesomely hack apart in punishing first-person detail before I started to feel kind of ill.