Modder Brings Superhot Combat To Fallout: New Vegas


Fallout mods are nothing new, and even half a decade on it seems fans just can’t stop tinkering with Fallout: New Vegas.

This year alone we’ve had a chap attempting to add multiplayer to Obsidian’s sequel, an intrepid group on a quest to remake the first Fallout in New Vegas, and even a guy who’s turned the game into a choose your own adventure series on YouTube (which ain’t technically a mod, but is still pretty awesome).

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And now, we have YouTuber Xilandro, who is changing up Fallout: New Vegas‘ combat to play as if it was ripped straight from the amazing puzzle/FPS action title, Superhot. 

If you’ve never played Superhot, allow me to explain: It’s essentially an FPS where time only moves when you do. As you can imagine, it leads to some really interesting combat. Take a look at Superhot in action below.

Obviously, with the aid of the V.A.T.S system, the combat in Fallout isn’t a million miles away from what you see in Superhot.

Xilandro is still adding the finishing touches to his ambitious mod, but it should be ready in a “few days” apparently. Check it out in action below.

This isn’t the only New Vegas mod  Xilandro is working on, though. Oh no. They’re also working on a fighter jet for the game that you can actually fly, which sounds beyond incredible.