Modders Transform Skyrim Into An Awesome New Game

by : Ewan Moore on : 28 Jun 2016 10:29
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You know how modders can constantly change up games by adding new mechanics, skins, characters, and more? Well, this team has literally turned Skyrim into something completely new. 

Enderal is what the kids call a “total conversion” mod, and it seeks to create an entirely new experience using the bare bones of Skyrim. 



Enderal was created by SureAI, a talented team of 14 based in Munich. Anyone looking to this mod for a Skyrim 1.5 should turn away now, because it really is its very own unique world.

You can expect several different environments, a rich narrative, and fully voiced characters – there’s even an entirely revamped levelling structure.

The developers are set to start rolling the German version out between July 1-3, with an English version expected to arrive several weeks later.


Enderal itself will be free to download, but you’ll obviously need to own a copy of Skyrim if you want to give the mod a whirl.

SureAI also shared a new trailer alongside the release date, which should give you a better understanding of what the game’s about. Check it out below (it’s in German with English subs).

As for Skyrim itself, fans can look forward to the recently announced Special Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Bethesda is aiming to make the remaster “as next gen as possible” and the revamped title will come with all DLC and support for mods.

Skyrim Special Edition launches October 28, but I can’t imagine anything quite as ambitious as Enderal will make its way to consoles as a mod.

In other Elder Scrolls modding news, another insanely talented team (much larger than SureAI) is aiming to create the entirety of Tamriel in Skyrim’s engine.


All these years later, and fans are still finding new and surprising ways to breathe life into an already deeply engrossing game. Incredible.

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