Model ‘Possessed By Cannibalistic Ghost’ During TV Interview


Bizarre footage of a model allowing herself to be ‘possessed’ by a legendary and supposedly cannibalistic spirit on live TV has emerged online.

The weird footage from Thailand shows the young woman sitting with two TV hosts when she begins to make strange guttural noises before howling at the sight of the males hosts necklace.

The two hosts then take advantage of the spirit being powerless to interview the ghost, as its host wails and writhes in her seat, asking it why it had possessed the model, The Mirror reports.


Chillingly the spirit answers in a strange voice that ‘someone sent me here!’ the creature then demands pig’s blood, refusing to name who had sent it.

Before the alleged possession the model, Thippawan “Pui” Chaphupuang, commented that she was often visited by a sinister ghost and 13 minutes into the interview she said that a ‘Pop’ had come to possess her.


While ‘Pop’s’ may sound like adorable little creatures they’re in fact rather sinister figures in Thai folklore apparently manifesting as woman-like creatures that devour human viscera.

Legend has it that the Pop was created when a prince who’d learnt the secret of swapping bodies with animals tricked an evil servant into forfeiting his body and then destroying it, dooming the servant to live on as a ghost forced to consume human flesh to survive.

Probably wouldn’t want to bump into this model on a dark night then…