Model Reveals Disturbing Details Of Being Abducted And Auctioned On Dark Web


A British glamour model has spoken out about her terrifying ordeal after she was allegedly abducted in Italy and then ‘auctioned’ on the dark web.

Chloe Ayling was allegedly attacked by two men at a photo shoot in Milan.

The 20-year-old is believed to have been drugged and transported in a bag, before she was released after six days and taken to the British consulate in Milan.


A statement to the police was published by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, according to the Guardian.

Chloe said:

A person wearing black gloves came up from behind and put one hand on my neck and the other on my mouth, while a second person, wearing a black balaclava, injected me in my right arm.

I think I lost consciousness. When I woke up I was wearing a pink bodysuit and the socks I’m in now.

I realised I was in the boot of a car, with my wrists and ankles tied and my mouth taped. I was inside a bag, with only a small hole that allowed me to breathe.

Chloe said she was screaming so much her kidnappers had to stop the car three times while driving her and she said her feet and hands were tied to a chest of drawers after arriving at the house.


I was forced to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.


The model, who was allegedly abducted on July 11, flew home yesterday. Her captors are alleged to have tried to sell her for more than $300,000 (£230,000) and demanded her agent pay a ransom, writes the Guardian.

But the authorities reportedly said Chloe was released when her captors discovered she had a two-year-old child – as their rules ‘forbade kidnapping mothers’.

A Polish man who lives in the UK was arrested on July 18 on suspicion of kidnap and extortion, according to state police. Officials released a mugshot of the suspect, named as 30-year-old Lukasz Pawel Herba.


Chloe’s lawyer, Francesco Pesce, said:

I hope they find them soon as this could be very dangerous for other girls. This was a massive investigation that was carried out quickly; the police have worked very hard.

The only mystery now is why this person [one of the suspects] went to the consulate with her.

She suffered a lot. It was an awful experience … and to believe that she would never see her family again.

I was so encouraged to see how strong she was [when she revisited the house], a 20-year-old who had been through a terrible ordeal.

Now she is home and it’s important that she has time with her family and is left alone.

Italian police are said to be working alongside officials in Britain and Poland as they continue to investigate what happened.