Model Reveals Effect Of Cutting Out Alcohol With Amazing Before And After Photos

by : UNILAD on : 10 May 2018 19:12

The 27-year-old fitness model – known as Jelly Devote to her 580k followers, who lives in Sheffield – claims her amazing body was down to maintaining a balanced diet and cutting down on her alcohol consumption.


In one Instagram post, Devote makes a comparison to her lifestyle when she was 20 to where she is now after concentrating on a balanced diet and exercise plan.

As part of her diet, she stopped her excessive drinking which would, in the past, sometimes go on for at least three nights a week and waking up with hangovers. According to DailyMail.com, Devote decided to make a change after she saw a picture of herself which she found ‘unflattering’.

So she switched out her normal consumption of fizzy drinks, processed foods and booze for meals containing vegetables and high protein. After a few months of dieting, she lost at least three stone.


In one of her Instagram posts, she wrote:

I’ve never felt better, I have balance. I eat a doughnut followed by a salad… I don’t drink alcohol often, I down my water and most importantly I’ve gone from hating myself to loving myself

People always ask how much I’ve lost, and I honestly don’t know what my highest weight was (not the picture) due to hating myself so much I didn’t weigh myself (probably around 75kg) and I don’t weigh myself anymore (lightest I’ve been 45kg, NOT HEALTHY MIND)

Because of her transformation, Devote claims she feels more confident about her body. Her Instagram posts tend to focus a lot on her setbacks and physical imperfections, because of this she has garnered quite a following. While it may off as condescending to those who drink alcohol recreationally, her posts encourage her followers to concentrate on their mental well-being in order to feel healthy on the inside.

In another post she wrote:

It’s never, and I mean NEVER too late to take that step towards a HEALTHY future!! Doesn’t matter what age or where you are in life, just do it! Do it for yourself, I promise you will never look back and regret that you choose to change for a healthier you!

Healthier you can be loosing weight, gaining weight, it could be stop partying every weekend, or over thinking training and over doing!! You name it, you should have one goal, HEALTHY from the inside! It will shine right through, and I feel like I’m shining brighter then I’ve ever done I did it for myself and I’ve never looked back!!!

When she first began her long road to becoming healthy Devote was hitting the gym almost 24/7 and watching her diet.


But now she’s at a place where she focuses more of her time on travelling with her husband while living a more balanced lifestyle. One in which she can treat herself to a sweet or drink on her terms.

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