Model Shares ‘Real’ Photos On Instagram, Loses Thousands Of Followers

by : Mark Foster on : 21 Nov 2015 12:23

It’s something everybody does but very few admit to – making their life look way more interesting than it actually is for social media.


Model Stina Sanders is the latest in a wave of people refusing to post only the most glamorous snaps from their life on Instagram. Something that has apparently offended 3,000 of her ex-followers in the process.

The posts show the model performing a wide array of daily activities like waxing her facial hair, going to a therapist and having a colonic irrigation for her IBS.


Stina follows Australian teen model Essena O’Neill who quit Instagram to protest the falsities and impossible standards it promotes for young women. Saunders does understand why people want to see glammed up shots of her, but is keen to remind that nobody is perfect. Speaking to The Independent, she said: 

I was up for the challenge because I know how fake social media is and how a simple photo can portray someone in a completely different light. Unfortunately having the model stigma attached to me hasn’t been easy, so I wanted to reveal what life is really is behind the mask. My life isn’t as pretty as it seems – I suffer from anxiety and have a disabled sibling. No one’s life is perfect.

Since news of her crusade went viral, Stina’s Instagram count went from around 10k – after the 3k loss – to over 60k at time of print, showing beyond doubt that people appreciate her honesty about her life.

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