Model Takes Fearless Selfies That Will Make You Very, Very Dizzy


Meet Angela Nikolau: A model who has gained a serious following on Instagram by posting stomach-churning selfies and videos atop some of the world’s highest buildings.

The fearless 23-year-old, who is usually accompanied by her boyfriend Ivan Beerkus, climbs without safety equipment.

And her photos will make you very, very dizzy:

The couple , from Moscow, recently posted some jaw-dropping footage of them scaling the 640metre summit of the Goldin Finance 117.

The unfinished structure in Tianjin, China, is the highest construction site in the world, the Mirror reports.

Wondering why she hasn’t been arrested yet?

While climbing these buildings is often illegal, Nikolau says she can usually charm her way out of trouble.

She said:

It’s funny when the police catch me wearing a little skirt and I smile sweetly and say, ‘I’ll never do it again’, and, ‘I’ve done a very bad thing’.

Then they let me go.

Absolutely crazy…