Moment Hero Driver Smashes Into Thieves Who Robbed Man At Gunpoint

Man drives into thievesCEN

CCTV footage captured the brilliantly dramatic moment a driver smashed straight into some thieves as they were trying to rob a man. 

The unsuspecting victim could be seen walking down the road in the neighbourhood of Barrios Unidos, in the Colombian capital city Bogota, when another man jogs up behind him.

The jogger then grabs him, and when he tries to make an escape, the thief points a gun at his face.

Clearly working as a team, a third man on a motorbike drives up, presumably waiting for his partner in crime to rob the man so they could both make an escape on the bike.

Check out the dramatic video here:

It seems the robbers got what they wanted from the man as the victim started to move away and the thief retreated towards the bike. Before the robbers could make their get away however, a white car came careering into view.

As if creating a scene for The Fast and The Furious, the driver saw his chance to save the man and be a hero. He turned, dramatically, deliberately crashing into the motorbike and the robbers.

The white car sent one of the robbers flying over the bonnet, while another was pushed to the side of the car.

Car smashes into armed robbersCEN

The man on the bike was reportedly crushed under his vehicle, but as the car reversed he got up and started to sprint away, following his accomplice.

Having witnessed the dramatic car-smash, the victim of the robbery started to chase the thieves down the road, and the white car turned and started to follow in hot pursuit, driving out of the view of the camera.

Awfully, 21, 524 thefts have already been reported this year in Bogota.

According to statistics, there’s been a 41.5 per cent increase in thefts in the city in the first quarter of the year – there’s been 6,340 more thefts than the same time last year.

According to local media, more onlookers joined the chase and together, they were able to catch the thieves and detain them until the police arrived.

Police Inspector Colonel Angel Acosta thanked those involved for their effort in keeping the thieves on the scene until the authorities were able to handle the situation.

The police managed to retrieve a gold chain which had been stolen from the victim, as well as the revolver – which the thief had threatened the man with.

Robbers smashed in to by carCEN

Due to the white car’s form of rescue, the thieves sustained some injuries from the crash. They were given medical assistance before being taken to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Given the situation, I think the driver of the white car performed a very appropriate rescue. It could be argued the armed thieves deserved what was coming to them.

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