Moment Nurse Discovers He Was Giving Bomber CPR During Paris Attacks

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Reuters/Eric Gaillard

In the chaos that ensued around the Paris massacres last week, shocking stories are still emerging from these horrific atrocities…

In the mass panic after an explosion at the Comptoir Voltaire cafe – one of the several targets hit in the Paris attacks – nurse David was amongst it all, helping the wounded.


Amongst them was a man lying between overturned chairs and tables. David – who has not revealed his full name – lay him down and began CPR as he appeared unconscious.

However, once he tore open the man’s t-shirt, David quickly realised what he originally thought to be a gas explosion at the cafe close to the Bataclan concert hall where gunmen killed 89, was something a lot more sinister.


He told Reuters: “There were wires; one white, one black, one red and one orange. Four different colours. I knew then he was a suicide bomber.”


David had been trying to resuscitate Brahim Abdeslam, one of those involved in the series of brutal attacks across Paris which killed 130 people. No one else died at the cafe, other than Abdeslam.

As soon as he made the horrific discovery that he was trying to save someone who had moments earlier tried to kill him, the fire service arrived. That’s when they were told to evacuate.

He continued:

There was a huge flame, there was dust. I immediately thought it was the heaters. I screamed, ‘cut off the gas’. There was panic, people started running out … I left the dining area and went on to the terrace.


David says he did not see Abdeslam walk into the restaurant. He believes he had been sitting at the terrace when he detonated the bomb.

He had a large opening on his side, about 30 cms (11.8 inches). When you lift a t-shirt and you see wires, you know that’s not normal.

The most shocking thing about this as that police later told him that Abdeslam’s bomb had not fully exploded.


(Later), I was thinking about how I lay him on the floor, with me doing CPR. It’s a pretty vigorous process. By just doing that, I also could have been gone.


He told his story as the United Nations backed a French call for greater international action to tackle the IS terror threat.

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