Shocking Moment Paris Attacker Detonates Suicide Bomb In Cafe


Warning: Graphic content.

Grisly footage has been released of the moment one of the Paris attackers detonates their suicide vest inside a busy restaurant.

The video shows Brahim Abdeslam, 31, walk into the Comptoire Voltaire brasserie on November 13th as part of the attacks on the French capital, which left 130 people dead.

ad204137159credit-is-m6zone-e1461654201135M6/Zone Interdite

At roughly 9.40pm, Abdeslam can be seen nervously walking into the middle of the rammed restaurant, as he positions himself next to all the unsuspecting diners.

He then covers his face with his left hand, before he detonates the belt. The Daesh militant dies instantly, with his body momentarily breaking in two.

ad204136966credit-is-m6zone-e1461654081732M6/Zone Interdite

But by some miracle, his actions didn’t kill anyone else. Of those in the restaurant, 15 were injured by the blast, one severely.

The damage to the terrorist’s body was so severe that he could only be formally identified by his fingerprints.

ad204136980credit-is-m6zone1-e1461654579999M6/Zone Interdite

French broadcaster M6 decided to air the shocking video on Sunday night, before being distributed around French media.

He was the brother of Salah Abdeslam, who is currently being held in Belgian custody and expected to stand trial for mass murder in France.

terror 1M6/Zone Interdite

He was also suspected in taking part in the attacks, but failed to detonate his own suicide belt outside the Stade de France.