Moment Survivor Ran From Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash ‘Covered In Blood’

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Spectators have spoken out about being on the scene of the Grand Canyon helicopter crash which killed three and left four others in critical condition.

British student Conrad Fish devoted seven hours to helping emergency services. He had landed in another helicopter close by during a sightseeing tour.


The 19-year-old was at the Grand Canyon as part of his gap year.

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The Telegraph reports he said:

They were all in a very bad way – they had open wounds all over their bodies, and their clothes were completely torn off.

Adrenaline kicked in and all I did was help carry equipment down and help the fire brigade down. The real heroes were the doctors that kept the survivors alive.

I’m glad that I could help in some way, but I wouldn’t say I’m a hero.

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The Eurocopter EC130 tragically crashed around 5.20pm local time on Saturday killing Jason and Stuart Hill, and Stuart’s girlfriend Becky Dobson, 22.

Newlyweds Jonahan Udall, 32, and Ellie Milward, 29, were critically injured with Jennifer Barham, 39, Jason’s girlfriend, and pilot Scott Booth, 42. They had to wait nine hours to be rescued and airlifted away to a Las Vegas hospital at 2am.


Conrad added:

We were collected from a hotel near to where we were staying, and I was sat next to some of the victims on the bus. However we had very little conversation with them and I didn’t even catch their names.

As the helicopter came down we were taking a picture, so I didn’t see the descent – but I heard a very loud bang behind us as the impact was made. At first everyone ran over to the cliff edge to see what had happened.

Then a group of us started to collect things such as fire extinguishers, water, stretchers or really anything we could find that we thought might have helped. The walk to where the crash took place was very slippery and rugged so it made getting supplies down very hard

Shocking footage emerged showing one woman fleeing from the inflamed helicopter.

Survivor walks away from helicopter crash

It's a miracle she survived.

Posted by The Sun on Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Conrad said:

We were left and the priority was getting in rescue supplies, so we were given emergency blankets and sat in the bottom of the canyon.

We were flown out three at a time to a local fire/army base, where they assessed our health and then sent us to give statements and videos to the police.

An investigation into the crash has been launched.

It is still unclear what caused the Eurocopter EC130 to crash.

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