Moment Thief Robbed Victim Then Saved His Life Caught On CCTV

by : UNILAD on : 12 Dec 2015 14:40

A thief who pickpocketed a drunk man in a Paris metro station became an unlikely hero when he saved the victim’s life after he stumbled onto the train tracks.


The extraordinary moment was caught on CCTV, showing how the man casually approached a guy who had fallen asleep on a bench in the station, carefully going through the man’s pockets and stealing his phone and wallet.

However, the video takes a dramatic turn when the drunk man wakes up after the incident and stumbles off the platform.


Incredibly, another bystander actually walks away after witnessing this poor guy falling onto the tracks.


However, in an amazing turn of events, the thief who just nicked this lad’s stuff jumps into action and actually sprints across the platform in a desperate bid to save the unlucky guy.

Fortunately, the thief-turned-saviour gets there just in time and manages to pull the drunk lad back onto the platform.

Sometimes Good Samaritans can be found in the most unlikely forms!

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  1. Daily Mail

    Thief is seen on CCTV stealing from a man – and then saving his life moments later when he stumbles onto train tracks