Moment Young Girl Escapes Grasp Of Knife-Wielding Attacker Caught On Camera

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For most of us, being held at knifepoint would be a fucking terrifying moment – but this young Chinese woman took it in her stride…

She remained super calm and unfazed throughout the whole ordeal, as a drunk man held a knife to her throat for over an hour before she successfully escaped after offering him a bottle of water, The People’s Daily Online reported.


The incident happened yesterday morning at a KFC restaurant in the city of Shaoguan, south China’s Guangdong Province.

The woman, named as Miss Li stayed so chill throughout that she continued to finish her drink, even offering her attacker a sip. That takes some serious balls.

An eyewitness told Guangdong Satellite TV that the suspect appeared to have ran out of cash and approached the victim to ask for some. Once she refused to hand over her purse he hijacked her.


He then allegedly demanded to see reporters from local TV stations to publicise the situation.

After the ordeal Miss Li told local reporters that she immediately put her guard up once she saw the man outside the restaurant.

She said:


He saw I was looking at him, then he came over and put a knife on my neck. I am wearing a top with a high neck line, so I didn’t get hurt. As soon as I screamed of pain, he would loosen up a little bit, so I believe he wouldn’t really hurt me.

Police than arrived on the scene and tried persuading the man to let Miss Li go, but he was having none of it. He didn’t say much, except a few words about his wife, who he later called as he held a knife to miss Li’s throat.


She described how she escaped after offering the man a sip of her drink.


The police offered him water to drink, but he refused. Then I offered him the bottle of water I brought with me. When he tried to twist the cap of the water bottle, I pushed him away and escaped.

As soon as she had escaped his grasp police jumped in and controlled the attacker. The unnamed man is now being held and questioned by police.

It’s no surprise she’s being hailed as ‘the bravest hostage ever’ on Chinese social media…

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    Taking her life into her own hands: The moment brave Chinese woman held at knifepoint for more than an hour escapes her captor by offering him a drink